Grow your collection or just send a children’s book to a classroom of your choice.

You could easily take time to notice how children who read well take good care of their books. Children’s easy reader books over sixty pages long are now written for 6-8 yr olds. That is, children in grades 1-3 are reading beyond what could have been imagined only a few short years ago. While educators searched for methods to teach children to read and politicians rallied around the No-Child-Left-Behind Act to make sure children would not be allowed to pass third grade if they could NOT READ; book publishers have been busy at work – that’s proof something is working. Now in the year 2015 young children can read better than ever before. Thanks to all of those adults, athletes, VIP’s, soldiers, and parents who have taken the time to read to children in classrooms on videos from around the globe, or at home. We are witnessing a generation of children who can and are reading all kinds of books that have been written especially for them. Children’s books have special places on shelves in libraries and in homes and are published digitally or on colorful good quality paper. Children of all ages from anywhere in the world are learning to read the English Language. There is a rising respect for reading a good story in the eyes of the child hearing the story and also from the perspective of the person who reads. Help your children to learn to read and to take good care of the children’s books that they enjoy – keep them in a special place


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