Television shows and you can help teach children to read. At Viacom’s Nick Jr,the “curriculum-driven entertainment for pre-schoolers”digital cable and satellite television chanel, Paw Patrol

is a favorite television program for pre-schoolers. You may bewondering if there are books for children to read to back up some of the shows as this would help children learning to read.There has been developed a Paw Patrol Phonics Box Set (Paw Patrol) (Step into Reading) – twelve colorful picture books are complete with words created as phonics readers. Each of the story books has specific phonics concepts for boys and girls ages 3 – 7 to have some of the tools they need to begin to learn how to read.The name of the set is Phonics Step into Reading.A well proven method of learning used in American classrooms throughout English courses in Middle Schools and High Schools implement movie watching with reading novels. Students will learn this way so why not pre-schoolers.

What parents need to know: What is Phonics?The English language uses phonics to sound out words and learn to read. In other words, each letter of the alphabet has a sound. The next step after pre-schoolers learn the abc’s is to help them understand phonics. There are some letters used together to have a special sound they make like ch sh th ck ai ou ea oa ow eigh ay ie aw ee…oy oi…and so on. Parents may like to read with children at home as this is an especially effective and nice way to learn these codes. Due to geographic accent differences, how you say things with your children in your home may be different from a teacher in a classroom or even many of their classmates. It is all right for you to speak the way you sound with your accent. Your children will easily learn from you. Then, they will adapt what they have already learned from you to what they need to know at school. Working together with your children is the best way for them to understand and learn. Be assured, the English Language may eloquently apply easily to various minor differences in sounds formed from accents.


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