The DOVE SEAL represents “Family-Approved”; “Faith Friendly”; and “Faith Based” books and DVD movies

Thanks to the Dove Foundation many Christian families are given assistance to confidently choose from lists of DVD movies and books that they know their children will enjoy. If you would like to find a really good book for children to read or movie to watch then look for the “Dove Seal”. The Dove Foundation, founded by Dick Rolfe and some parents in 1990 has been doing wonderful work in the area of entertainment for children and their families. Check out the most current Dove Foundation recommendations for which DVD movies to watch or books to read because their encouragement has inspired writers and producers to create more wholeheartedly good productions than ever before.




JOY      I am presenting my latest children’s book here,release date October 10, 2016.

Loveliness in turn of the century Bryant Park — Ephemeral New York

Here’s Bryant Park in 1913, just a few years after the New York Public Library building opened on the site where the Croton distributing reservoir once stood (hence the park’s original name, Reservoir Square). But whose bust is that in the foreground? It’s Washington Irving‘s, according to the Bryant Park Blog. Apparently the city placed […]

via Loveliness in turn of the century Bryant Park — Ephemeral New York

RIP VAN WINKLE is a truly great story by Washington Irving.

Artist Susan Jeffers retells “A Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme: THREE JOVIAL HUNTSMEN”.

Susan Jeffers makes the retelling of favorite stories for children happen better than ever before as she masterfully creates the pages. She published her first children’s book in 1970 and later was awarded a Caldecott Honor from the American Library Association given to the artist of the most distinguished American Picture Book, for “A Mother Goose Rhyme: THREE JOVIAL HUNTSMEN”. Children study the pages she has adapted and illustrated with details of animals in the woods. They happily see things that the huntsmen in the story miss. This very talented children’s book illustrator is an artist and an animal lover. She has patiently illustrated many children’s books, bringing the pages to life like no one else. Read more about Susan Jeffers and her children’s books here.

Adapted and Illustrated by Susan Jeffers
Published in 1973 by ALADDIN BOOKS; Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, NY
Picture Book
32 pages
Ages 1-3
Nursery Rhymes

What a nice surprise! The Snow Rabbit by Camille Garoche is a storyteller’s delight.

The pictures in this story book may capture what it sounds like when a bunny rabbit hops across a snow covered yard. The colors illuminate the characters in an already bright winter scene. When you try to read this story you will see a warming gesture that suggests understanding and compassion on each and every page. Listen to your youngest storyteller read from the careful drawings presented in this very special children’s book and you will have experienced a very special few moments in time with that young child. Bravo, Camille.


The Snow Rabbit

Written and Illustrated by Camille Garoche

Published in 2015 by Enchanted Lion Books, Brooklyn NY

Picture Book

56 pages

Ages 1-3; 3-8

Juvenile Fiction


Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates practice cognitive learning techniques as they inspire children to map read. Remember the map to treasure or wherever you go, is evidence of the process of knowing in a broad sense. Children that are fans of Jake do gain a skill that develops the more they watch him and those Never Land Pirates – that skill is map writing as well as map reading. Their perception of where they are going when they go outside to play becomes an adventure. To gain an understanding of how to read a map, or write a map, helps children to use good judgement in regards to staying away from trouble. Adults are not always sure how Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates are able to teach children so well. Find your way on a map you wrote. How did they learn that from Captain Jake? It is the process of knowing at work.

Thanks, Disney Junior, you’d love to see and hear how real children play.

Jupiter Strong builds family values for African-Americans through children’s books.

The work that is being done with the Jupiter Strong series goes a long way to support children. Kindergarteners, older children, and their parents can stay in the loop of what is happening with Jupiter Strong by finding information on face book or following her on twitter. She has a wonderful spirit and is always hard at work delivering an ongoing theme of love. You are sure to like her style. You can meet the inspiration behind Jupiter Strong children’s books via the you tube video. The stories are really nice and you will enjoy reading them to any children. Keep up the good work, Jupiter Strong.